Tuesday, February 1, 2011

suatainabilitynotcapitalism is now - Feb 2011 - back in public view

This blog - Sustainability Not Capitalism -  www.sustainablitynotcapitalism.blogspot.com - and related to the Fair World Project - for economic and income equality - sustainably! and by Tuesday! - is now (1st Feb 2011) back in public view.

News from the hiatus:

There is a paper (web-search wholsophy) at the Network Project www.thenetworkproject.org.uk that contains material produced in the hiatus and Jason Moores at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives www.policyalternatives.ca <jason-at-policyalternatives-dot-ca> can send you a free CCPA Monitor Readings on Co-operative Socialism - that contains dieas for action (locally, regionally, nationally and globally).

I encourage readers to visit the Equality Trust web-site www.equalitytrust.org.uk for materials related to the excellent book, 'The Spirit Level'- where the evidence that economic/income equality is good for everybody and everything can be found.

Two actions specific actions (from the seven point Fair World Action plan) seem particularly fruitful:

- action to create nationally paid guaranteed income schemes (for which I prefer the term Citizen's Income since this enables us to develop an inclusive, sustainable, evolving definition of what 'citizenship') can be found, for example via www.citizensincome.ca and other places (see Interfaith Sandy Hill work in Ottawa in 2011 for example)

- and, secondly, to work to produce interest-free money and interest-free banking (see www.interestfreemoney.org and links there) since interest-bearing money and interest-based banking are both unnecessary and *actively* harmful - personally, socially, family-wise, economically, ecologically, spiritually and religiously.

Finally: each of us has agency to act both nonviolently and *for* nonviolent economics..Becoming a member and, so a living part, of the global co-operative movement is a good place to start - see the International Co-operative Alliance web at www.ica.coop for details, for example of the 2012 'UN year of Co-operatives' - wow!

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