Friday, August 16, 2013

The Wellness Society John Courtneidge 15 August 2013

For The Wellness Society - The Wholeness Society - Society as Wholeness - by Tuesday!

Re: US and UK war crimes in Iraq

Why it all happened - and why another Iraq will happen . . . unless . . .


The war on Iraq (and Islam generally) was all, for the greater part, to find someone/s that 'will' go into USDollar-denominated debt, so that the annual increase in the USDollar supply can occur, so that the 'value' of the US Dollar is maintained as the global 'currency'/whip-on-all-backs.

That's the consequence of the Fractional Reserve Banking, 'money-created-as-interest-bearing-debt' scam/system fault/your terminology!

Of course, all four groups of capitalists (those who 'own'/have stolen land, who collect Rent; those who have stolen the law and so collect Interest; those who have stolen the knowledge used as workshops, and so take the Profits; and those who own/have been given position, and so bully, blackmail, bribe and brainwash - they hope - the rest of us, and so collect Unequal/Unhealthy/Unfair, higher-than-average incomes-for-Paid work.

Ie the TRIP-Up mob

Together, the first set of families constitute about 2% of the world's population (the 'ruling' or 'idle' classes: the Thieves that collect rent, interest and profits - who are RIP-ing up the planet in search for more - avarice - the T-class); the set of families that are those of the Place-men and -women: the P-class who exercise, they hope, Power over us: they constitute, perhaps 10% of families.

That leaves the rest of us - the D-class, we the 88%, who are worked in Dirty, Dangerous, Degrading, etc D-jobs - and who pay Rent, Interest, Profits distributed as Dividends.

It is we - the D-class of families - the Productive (rather than Idle Classes), the Worker Classes, the 88% of all of humanity - who are trying, *for the betterment of all* - to replace capitalism: the TRIP-Up thing (Theft, Rent, Interest, Profit and Unhealthy/Unequal/Unfair-pay for work) - by 'something better'.

(And, forget all the adjectivised 'capital-isms': 'Sustainable capitalism', responsible capitalism', 'community capitalism', etc, etc:

-- they are all based on the avarice of 'What can I get?', Me, Me, Me,

-- rather than the sustainable, loving, caring-and-giving 'What can I give?' In camp terms, this the 'use one plate, wash two' disposition - I aim to give more than I get.

Us, Us, All.)

So, that 'something better', is something that does away with accumulations - avarice - from Rent, Interest, Profits-distributed-as Privately-collected Dividends (Get RID of capitalism, Capitalism RIP) and (grossly?)Unequal/Unhealthy/Unfair Pay for Work.

And, eventually, does away with the 'need' for money - mammon, lucre, however-created, your term - at all.

Just as Jesus told the Rich Young Ruler - one of the 2% and 10% - the T-class and P-class how 'own' and bully, respectively.

Now, for convenience, I call that 'Better Thing' Co-operative Socialism* - the name is immaterial, the Wellness of all.

But you could call that:

The Wellness Society
Or - The Wholeness Society
Or - Society as Wholeness


The Wellness Society - The Wholeness Society - Society as Wholenes

The outcome - globalised wellness - is what The parable of The Mustard Seed is all about . . . !


For The Wellness Society - The Wholeness Society - Society as Wholeness - by Tuesday!

Are you up for it?

Hope so!




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Monday, August 12, 2013

Is sustainable mining possible? If not, then what?

13 August 2013

I visited the Balcombe Protection Camp today (well, yesterday) where local people, co-operatively with people from Occupy and many others, are nonviolently resisting an exploration that may end (yikes!) in Fracking in Sussex.

This has got me thinking about, not only, 'creative nonviolent resistance', but , also, 'creative nonviolent proposition' (which is the basis for Occupy's political location in 'the Fourth Quadrant'*).

(*The other forms of politics seemingly being 'The Politics of Resistance', 'The Politics of Practical Demonstration' and 'The Politics of The-Long-March-Through-The-System': as per a woman's voice at the 1997 recreation of The Putney Debates.)

Moreover, my restless mind has gone back to the basis for this blog - that I started a long time ago -  Those thoughts include the question as to whether 'sustainable mining' isn't an oxymoron (I suspect that it is) and, if that is so and wealth creation is represented by the word equation:

(Raw) materials + Energy  --> Wealth (Added value) + Pollution

Then how can we help a new economics evolve that does not involve mining - Fracking included . . .

Someone must have written about this.

That said, we still need the symbiosis of 'creative nonviolent resistance' along with 'creative nonviolent proposition' if we are to have any chance of evolving a new human form - 'here for a long time - *and* a good time' (to paraphrase a previous BC premier, Dave xyz.