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The Wellness Society John Courtneidge 15 August 2013

For The Wellness Society - The Wholeness Society - Society as Wholeness - by Tuesday!

Re: US and UK war crimes in Iraq

Why it all happened - and why another Iraq will happen . . . unless . . .


The war on Iraq (and Islam generally) was all, for the greater part, to find someone/s that 'will' go into USDollar-denominated debt, so that the annual increase in the USDollar supply can occur, so that the 'value' of the US Dollar is maintained as the global 'currency'/whip-on-all-backs.

That's the consequence of the Fractional Reserve Banking, 'money-created-as-interest-bearing-debt' scam/system fault/your terminology!

Of course, all four groups of capitalists (those who 'own'/have stolen land, who collect Rent; those who have stolen the law and so collect Interest; those who have stolen the knowledge used as workshops, and so take the Profits; and those who own/have been given position, and so bully, blackmail, bribe and brainwash - they hope - the rest of us, and so collect Unequal/Unhealthy/Unfair, higher-than-average incomes-for-Paid work.

Ie the TRIP-Up mob

Together, the first set of families constitute about 2% of the world's population (the 'ruling' or 'idle' classes: the Thieves that collect rent, interest and profits - who are RIP-ing up the planet in search for more - avarice - the T-class); the set of families that are those of the Place-men and -women: the P-class who exercise, they hope, Power over us: they constitute, perhaps 10% of families.

That leaves the rest of us - the D-class, we the 88%, who are worked in Dirty, Dangerous, Degrading, etc D-jobs - and who pay Rent, Interest, Profits distributed as Dividends.

It is we - the D-class of families - the Productive (rather than Idle Classes), the Worker Classes, the 88% of all of humanity - who are trying, *for the betterment of all* - to replace capitalism: the TRIP-Up thing (Theft, Rent, Interest, Profit and Unhealthy/Unequal/Unfair-pay for work) - by 'something better'.

(And, forget all the adjectivised 'capital-isms': 'Sustainable capitalism', responsible capitalism', 'community capitalism', etc, etc:

-- they are all based on the avarice of 'What can I get?', Me, Me, Me,

-- rather than the sustainable, loving, caring-and-giving 'What can I give?' In camp terms, this the 'use one plate, wash two' disposition - I aim to give more than I get.

Us, Us, All.)

So, that 'something better', is something that does away with accumulations - avarice - from Rent, Interest, Profits-distributed-as Privately-collected Dividends (Get RID of capitalism, Capitalism RIP) and (grossly?)Unequal/Unhealthy/Unfair Pay for Work.

And, eventually, does away with the 'need' for money - mammon, lucre, however-created, your term - at all.

Just as Jesus told the Rich Young Ruler - one of the 2% and 10% - the T-class and P-class how 'own' and bully, respectively.

Now, for convenience, I call that 'Better Thing' Co-operative Socialism* - the name is immaterial, the Wellness of all.

But you could call that:

The Wellness Society
Or - The Wholeness Society
Or - Society as Wholeness


The Wellness Society - The Wholeness Society - Society as Wholenes

The outcome - globalised wellness - is what The parable of The Mustard Seed is all about . . . !


For The Wellness Society - The Wholeness Society - Society as Wholeness - by Tuesday!

Are you up for it?

Hope so!




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