Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What you could do to advance co-operation.

Co-operation is better than Conflict
11 September 2013

Dear friends, world-wide, on this significant day:
If you are a member of a co-op, please consider submitting the following motion and publcise outcomes:

       "This AGM asks the [co-op name here] Co-operative Board, in co-operation with the staff and others as appropriate, to act upon the Motion on Annual Co-operative Audits agreed at the Co-operative Party conference in 1999, namely: 'That this co-operative shall carry out and publicise Annual Co-operative Audits to demonstrate its fidelity to the definition, values and principles as contained in the most-up-to-date variant of The Statement on The Co-operative Identity issued by The International Co-operative Alliance.'"

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