Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Capitalism *is* a for-profit prison, eh?!

So, campaign for co-operative socialism!


3 December 2013

Dear friends

I just shared this with my New Democratic Party friends/comrades in Canada about the news, there, that the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is proposing to privatise/pirat-ise/profit-ise the Prison Chaplaincy services:

There's a segment in Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A love Story', within the first 40minutes, which describes a youth 'correction' facility in xyz-Barrie somewhere in the US which was 'outsourced' to a local 'entrepreneur's for-profit business.  You will already know the details. 

Which brings me to the point: how can I (we?) 'get' the federal NDP-NPD to adopt the Co-operative Socialism approach (for which, please see the document in the papers' section of www.interestfreemoney.org ) ?

In other words: without a transformed economic system (one that is conformable to 'The Golden Rule' as outlined by our Scarboro Missions friends www.scarboromissions.ca I should think), then such psychotic nonsense as for-profit prisons, prison-services of anything will consume our life-time-for-worship. Capitalism *is* a for-profit prison, Eh !?!?

For co-operative socialism - by Tuesday!


John Courtneidge


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