Saturday, January 18, 2014

We are the 99% - Or, rather, the 88% in the 2:10:88 analysis

We are (not!) the 99% - Or, rather, we are the 88% - in this 2:10:88 analysis

This is an attractive image . . . but. 

Firstly, society is more pear-shaped than pyramidal - in the global north-west at least: in other words, rather few people (yes, of course, far too many) are in absolute destitution. 

Secondly - and the much more important point - it's the 'Praetorian Guard':
    (ie the people who oppress us (the 88%) - and, oddly who often have jobs starting with the letter 'P' -policemen, prison officers, professors, PR men, propagandists, (many) politicians (certainly the reactionary ones - Liberals certainly included! - many/most of the 10% of families who get higher-than-average paid-work incomes)

 . . . that need to be faced with their role in murder, theft, rape, mayhem - all of which nourish and cause in income-/economic inequality - that not only harms us (the 88%), but, also, the 2% (the 'Owners'/Thieves - of economic resources(land, law, knowledge) and the 10% (the PR-aetorian Guard - who have stolen/been awarded the Power Positions to oppress all). 

Hope this helps - in our work to integrate all in well-ness! By Tuesday!

  -- For wholosophy, john

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