Friday, June 6, 2014

Responsible Economics*

Some web-findings 6 June 2014

At is: a great video:

Responsible Economics*

I'm searching the titled term - partly to consider the term "Responsible Capitalism".

I catalogue, below some initial findings.

however, the pick seems to be the following excellent video

at with the preamble:

  "Socially Responsible Economics   28-May-2014

   Business Success and Social Responsibility

   Social responsibility offers the possibility for differing opinions. Some see this issue as so crucial they insist investment portfolios of the companies who are part of that portfolio meet certain criteria. At the extreme, others argue (persuasively) that the only social responsibility a business has is to maximize profits for the benefit of the stockholders or owners of the business.

   The latter view was given credence by a celebrated Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Milton Friedman, from the University of Chicago. Using his viewpoint, one can argue that business managers do not possess any kind of special talent justifying diversion of successful business profits to any cause in the community, no matter how worthy or popular"
   So, here's what I've found so far, starting with a search for "Responsible Economics":



And their Young economists Facebook page:

  Thence to:

b) the indicated blog (with posts on 3 June 2014):

c) Their Journal is


The cognate, "Responsible Economics" seems to be more focused on responsible
environmental economics . . . :

Or 'Responsible capitalism' eg:

But "Socially Responsible economy" gives, for example:

But there's also the counter-revolution:


Now, whether any of the above is helpful . . . * I don't yet know . . .

Best - equally! - for all!


* ie promotes an income equal, co-operative socialist replacement for capitalism . . .

Which is what Co-operative Socialism does: see in the papers at


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