Tuesday, May 12, 2015



John Courtneidge 


12 May 2015
     = UK Election Day + 5

I'm off to a 'Left Platform' meeting tonight.

If possible, I'll ask the following questions (you might like to answer them, here):

a) Are you in favour of the replacement of capitalism by something better?


b) Do you wish to use violence to achieve that objective?


c) Is that 'better-than-capitalism' objective one that is hierarchical or not? (Ie with, after it's implementation, a world, still, of 'them-up-there' and 'us-down-below'?)

   Yes, hierarchical/No, not hierarchical

d) Do you wish to see that transformation from capitalism to something better (that's not hierarchical) using democratic, parliamentary means ('the parliamentary road to socialism') or by extra-parliamentary means (revolution on the streets or replacement by experiment 'in the woods')

   Yes, mostly through parliamentary means; Or, No revolution on the streets; Or, No, by setting up practical demonstration alternatives 'in the woods'; Or some mixture of these

If you've answered a) = yes, b) = no, c) = not hierarchical and d) by democratic, parliamentary means (or, mostly by democratic, parliamentary means with some elements of nonviolent protest and/or practical demonstration of projects 'in the woods'), then:

e) How does the plan for Co-operative Socialism (as in the papers' section at www.interestfreemoney.org look to you?

ps Good to be back!


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