Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Co-operative Socialism Wikipedia Page

Co-operative Socialism Wikipedia Page

Just to archive this - I've been trying for some years to start a Wikipedia page on Co-oerative Socialism.

Here's what I've just submitted in order to re-start this

Hi Wikipedia Help friends

My Occupy London friends are keen that I reask permission to start a page on Co-operative Socialism.
A thread in that regard can be found at:


The term 'Co-operative Socialism' has both a history (eg in its usage by Robert Owen, by the Guana Co-operative Republic and now as a plan to develop the concept of both the Co-operative Commonwealth and the Co-operative Commonweal.

Please reinstste the page so that I, we and others can devolop an account of both the history and present use of this term.

Thanks, inand for co-operatio - and thus equality,m equity and peace

~~~~John courtneidge


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