Friday, November 11, 2016

The Whole Picture

And where does the hydrogen come from?

Recall the Second Law and The Spirit Level - we need, yes, to use renewable energy. *But* we need, in the global north-west, to *reduce* our (or more accurately, capitalism's) energy use.

Beacause every wealth creation activity produces *more* pollution (illness) than wellness (wealth) - that's the Second Law of Thermodynamics point.

Ps in this context, illness=disordered materials and energy (ie high entropy stuff) and wealth=well ordered, low-entropy stuff that's 'useful' in helping humans fulfil their (our) needs.

So, hydrogen this and solar that is not going to cut it until we repeal the laws that permit usury (ie capitalism=money getting and accummulating money aka 'money making money').

Hence the plan for Co-operative Socialism.

For more pls see the Needs essay in the papers' section at and colected papers at

Regarding mental not-wellness, I wrote on'my' FB page:

Ps Thx Alex. My post was designed to reach the MQ ppl, who-ever they are - to point out that mental illness is both biochemically/genetically-based and also situationally-based.

For the later term, I'm grateful to my friend Linda Peet who coined this in respect of depression.

The uber-point is that those of us who are (in sanity) miserable/depressed are so because we live in unequal societies (cf The Spirit Level book and *and so* our needs are not being met.

Note, a FB and posting, today, re Needs and hydrogen such that our uber/meta need is to live in a prospering *but also* income-equal society.

Ps Google searching for "situational depression" leads to:

Note the reserves and,both US and 'establishment' reserves one may have about a Wikipedia page on a contraversial/potentially contra-establishment topic.


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