Saturday, October 28, 2017

History of the Terms 'Socialist' and 'Socialism'

In CR Fay's book, 'Life and Labour in The Nineteenth Century', Co-operative Socialism became the evolved name for Owenite Socialism.

See at page 70 in Chapter VII, 'The Origins of Britiash Socialism':

Thanks Gillian Lonergan at The Co-operative College for this URL!

Incidentally, the earlist written indication of the work 'socialist' seems to be 1822.

See ref 8 at:

"socialist". Oxford English Dictionary (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press. September 2005. (Subscription or UK public library membership required.): "1822 E.Cowper Let. to Robert Owen 2 Nov. in Revue d'Histoire Economique & Sociale (1957) 35 80 [She] seems well adapted to become what my friend Jo. Applegath calls a Socialist."

While another early reference to the word 'socialist' is in a letter to Robert Owens' brother, William, in 1824: see pages 69-70 in the CR Fay book, 'Life . . ' referred to earlier:

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