Friday, March 14, 2014

The Right Chemistry: Life, love and chemistry

First Draft Hertford August 2003
John Courtneidge
Net-published 14 March 2014
To interweave a collection of commentaries about life, love and community, along with an introduction to, and development of contemporary issues in, chemistry.  With bangs!

Poetry, popular music (Beatles?), locations, history and personalities. Chemistry as experience. Home experiments?

Programme Theme Outlines
Programme 1: ‘What’s It All About Alfie? Life, love and chemistry
Atoms, air, fire.
Atoms, molecules, marriage, human relationships, co-operation, love.
Melting/freezing/change types
The Greek atomists and John Dalton. Lavoisier, Davy, and their wife. Greece, Manchester, London and Paris

Programme 2: ‘Out of Darkness, Light’: Planets, Water and Fire
Fish, clouds, emergence, evolution and paradigm. Volcanoes
Sulphur, sulphuric acid. Limestone, acid rain.

Programme 3: ‘You, me, we, us’: Community, life, co-operation
Boiling eggs, building people, proteins, DNA, hydrogen bonds, subtlety, music.

Programme 4: ‘Family, community’: The Periodic Table
Order out of chaos, entropy, Free Energy, predictability. Revolution and paradigm.
Gibbs, Bolzmann, Mendeleef

Programme 5: ‘Growing Up, Growing Wiser’
Change, complexity, truth and order. Reaction rates, equilibrium.
Bond breaking and making – growing up together, breaking up is hard to do.
The 18th Hole at St Andrews.

Programme 6: ‘Violence, War, Peace’: The Enlightenment
Electricity, atom Bombs, solar power
Faraday, Fredrick Soddy, Pliny
Metals, Atomic structure, ionic bonding, theft, money and profit.
Oil, coal, gas, cars, trams, WWI
Quantum mechanics, Rutherford, Heisenburg, Los Alamos, Hiroshima

Programme 7: ‘The Enlightenment Part II’: Awareness, Consciousness, Gaia
Silicon, communication, internets, swarming, co-operation, immanence, poetry, love.

Programme 8: ‘And let There Be Light’: Wholosophy and connectedness
Light/energy/matter equivalence Einstein’s equation. Max Plank, the Mystics.
Wave particle duality. One in all/all in one.
Photochemistry, helium and the sun. Fireflies. Organic peroxides, fire, human heeds. The planet’s needs. Food, photosynthesis, life, future.

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