Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I do this

Why I do this

10 March 2014

John Courtneidge


Whether, again, Pope Francis said these words, I share them - if only to add that it's not the "goodness of those wielding economic power" that I hope to activate.

Rather, I'm clear that Capitalism is a system that impoverishes *everybody* - regardless as to whether their family is one of the 2% that own economic resources, or whether their family is one of the 10% of families that are employed by the 2% to oppress the 88% of families who are forced to be worked - to pay the higher incomes in the form of rent/interest/profit/taxes that are paid to the 2% and 10% of families I describe.

Thus, the plan for Co-operative Socialism isn't a 'grab back' from those 2% and 10% of families - it's a way of ensuring 5that eveyone has an income sufficient to live a decent life - and, so to havethe opportunity to make a contribution to the wellnes f all (ie the true co-operative common-wealth that provides wllnes of all - 'the co-operative commonweal'.

This is because our essential connectedness - the oneness/ the wholeness of all - means that the suffering of one is suffering for all - just as if you bang your thumb with a hammer, the pain goes throughout your own body and through the bodies of any who are aware of the hurt.  Harm hurts all - and it is income/economic inequality that creates the harm that is avoidable: to give us the strength to cope with the harms that are unavoidable.

Accordingly, the plan for Co-operative Socialism has no sense of demonising any-one, any family, any race, any nation . . . but, rather, sees the opportunity, now fully apparent to us in this plan, to act for the wellness of all - all humans, all not-human living sisters and brothers, planet earth, Gaia and God themselves: the wellness and wholeness of all.


I hope that people will find time in their busy, often hurting, lives, to view the evidence that is the basis of the plan for Co-oerative Socialism (that greater income equality is good for everyone - see The Spirit Level book and and, for the plan for Co-operative Socialism via

And, finally, to find some way in which to join in with this work for the wellness of all, inall, by as best we can.

I hope that this helps!

Best - equally! - for all!


John Courtneidge


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