Thursday, February 19, 2015

 LIFE = Living Income for Everyone
=  happy family = good food = happy planet!


John Courtneidge

16 February 2015

There seem to be four income matters:

1) Insufficiency of income - which leads to poverty and destitution, illness and death

2) Insecurity of income - the ying-yang of feast and famine - usually too much famine, too little feast

3) Inequity if income - some are paid more for the same work, while a few (the 2% who have stolen the economic resources of the planet*) don't even have to work for their incomes** !

4) Inappropriateness of income - being conscripted into an army, or other forms of forced prostitution (is there such a thing as voluntary prostitution - truly voluntary . . . ?

All these are solved by a far greater level of income equality - with a guaranteed, decent 'Living Income for Everyone' as the base level for all Citizens/those normally resident in a country.

Hence the plan for Co-operative Socialism!

Those * notes:

* Those stolen resources are:

a) Land - leads to rent as unearned income

b) The law - leads to interest (usury/a riba) as unearned income)

c) Knowledge - leads to business profits (often distributed to the 2% and their protectors - the 10% as dividends)

d) Positions of power - paid for by taxing us, the 88% who are not so much 'The Working Classes' as 'The Worked Class' - the hardest job of all being unemployed - as a way of frightening the rest of the 88% in cowed compliance and despair.
** It's this inequity of unearned incomes from rent, interest and profits (the RIP part of the TRIP-Up analysis***) that is so outrageous - and so never talked about on the baby-minding bullies - the TV/Radio/'news'-papers/magazines/Schools/colleges/monoversities/pulpits etc - the places where the 10% are paid Unequal (over-average) pay to bully, misinform, enrage us, the 88% on behalf of the 2%
*** TRIP-Up = Theft (of all sorts, tax evasion, bribes, corruption, etc)
Unequal (ie higher than median) pay for work
Hope this helps!

For all = the best! = equally = co-operatively!

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