Saturday, November 15, 2014

Understanding how it all works - as one!

In all, all is one!

John Courtneidge
15 November 2014

As some preliminaries - the relevant chemistry:

(if needs be scroll down - let this flow over and around you - it's not hard!):

Gibbs Free energy (G)  = Enthalpy (H: internal energy) - {Entropy (S; disorder) x Temperature (T)}*

Energy (of a photon  ie, a pip of light) = h (Planck's constant) x nu (Greek letter nu, the frequency of the associated wave form for that photon)

nu (Frequency of that wave form) = c (speed of light) / (ie divided by) wave-length (Greek letter lammda)

Then the philosophy:


Nothing is, every-thing is becoming.

Love is, however, eternal


Then the spirituality = true religion:

God is:

    Possessions possess

    Pride become proud

    Humility humbles

    Love loves

   God is


Ps Humility, humus, ground-ed-ness.


 So, bringing it all together:

 * So in any change, the change in Gibbs Free Energy, Delta (Greek letter) G = Delta H - (T x Delta S)

And, given that any change involves an overall increase in the entropy, Delta S, of the universe, Three possibilities exist:

a) A release of enthalpy (eventually as heat, perhaps with some intermediate release of work and light) - this is called an exothermic reaction for which Delta H is negative.

b) An increase in internal energy (stored in chemical bonds) - in which the delta H term is positive but the delta S x T term is larger - so that, over all delta G is negative (see below). This is called an endothermic reaction.

c) (Very rarely) where delta G is exactly zero

This latter gives an exactly balanced equilibrium, since the final, key thermodynamic equation from physical chemistry is:

Delta G (the change in Gibbs Free Energy) = -R (the Universal Gas Constant: note the negative sign: as in  -R not +R) x T (the Temperature at which the change occurs and to which the products of that change return) x Delta K (which is the Equilibrium Constant*)

(* So, for example, for a reaction involving a change of A+B into C+D, K = [C] x [D] / [A] x [B]

In other words, for the change to be significant, (where the concentrations of C and D (ie the amounts of C and D in each unit of volume - that's what the square brackets [C] etc mean)) then delta G has to be both negative and large in size.

Things going up in flames, creating disorder (ie delta H being negative ( ie heat being given out), and delta S being positive (ie disorder being positive so that -delta S is negative) are commonplace destructions - a candle burning out, petrol burning to power a car, or, overall,  money/capitalism/interest-bearing debt trashing the planet.

Life, on the other hand is constructive by creating order out of chaos - *but only* by creating more chaos - an animal metabolises more energy into heat than body as does a photosynthesising object like a tree.

Gaia deals with this, when allowed to do so in balance, by radiating heat into space so that the temperature of the planet stays constant.

Human fear/Money/capitalism/interest-bearing debt however, at present, doesn't live in harmony with Gaia (and all the known facts of the universe = the laws of chemistry (as above).

hence the need - urgently for the repeal of the social acceptance/permission enforced that capitalism continue.

And that the sustainable alternative, Co-operative Socialism* (= true socialism = *not* Marxism!) by implemented.

By Tuesday!

ie, even today!

*For which pls see the plan for Co-operative Socialism in the papers at

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