Saturday, September 20, 2014

After the Scottish Referendum - making Westminster democratic
John Courtneidge  20 September 2014

The big constitutional change I'd like to see concerns the membership of the second chamber:

    - to one based on direct randomly-selected democracy: one member per constituency, selected at random, serving for three-year terms, with on-third retiring annually.

   - with, as one major task for it being an annual recommendation to the elected house on a Fair Incomes Policy.

   - namely, i) the level of a guaranteed income scheme and ii) a maximum multiplier of that for paid-work income.

That would:

   a) operationalize/implement the message in The Spirit Level (that - greater- income equality is the ordinate public and ecological good), and,

   b )would institute the freedom to be responsible

     - by virtue of the Living Income for All/Living Citizen's Income: which would, i) break the link between paid-work (in l'economy social) and existence, and,  

    ii) allow, for example, voluntary participation in l'economy solidaire: (such as participation in that reformed second chamber: as above), to produce:

Is what we are trying to achieve!

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I hope this helps.

For all, the best = equally! = co-operatively!



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