Monday, September 1, 2014

Why Britain's Establishment is unjust and unsustainable

And the solution!

John Courtneidge 1st September 2014
(Please, also, see my comment and 'TIP-Up analysis', below. Thx!)

Owen Jones' new book, 'The Establishment: And how they get away with it' is available on 4th September:,,9781846147197,00.html

There is a Pre-publication Channel4 piece:

Now . . .

Readers might know that I use a (2% - 10% - 88%) economic/social/power analysis (rather than Occupy NY's 'We are the 99%' - which implies that it's only the owners (thieves) of economic resources that are 'the problem').

Two points:

The TRIP-Up* analysis points out that the 10% (all in round figures) that are paid higher-than-average incomes (usually salaries, perks, enhanced pensions - the Up unequal pay part of TRIP-Up) form the establishment's Praetorian Guard (and often, oddly, have jobs with names starting with the letter P).

* TRIP-Up = Theft, rent, Interest, Profit and Unequal-pay for work

More-over, the 'owners' (Thieves) of economic resources collect different sorts of unearned income as Rent, Interest and Profit (ie the RIP part of TRIP-Up).

And each of these groups *hates* the others - the land-owners (land Thieves) hate paying Interest to the Law thieves and Profits to the businesses that supply them with machinery, fertilizers, etc.  and of, course, those two groups hate paying Rents to the land-Thieves, etc.

And, they all *hate* paying taxes to employ the Praetorian Guard - the Up families . . .

Hence the push away from Corporation Taxes and Income Taxes - towards unfair, Indirect Taxes like Sales Taxes, User-fees, etc,etc.

So, the solution?

Economic equality and income equality.

For more, please see the five CCPA articles 9in the 'CCPA Monitor Readings on Co-operative Socialism') in the papers at

ps - I recommend that you read the last of those five articles first.

Hope this helps!

Best = for all! = equally! = co-operatively!



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