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Stress, neuro-active molecules, equality needed - quickly!

John Courtneidge
14 September 2014

Elsewhere I've made a mistake:

I see that I'm incorrect: in that I hadn't added in the Helen Fisher/neuro-active molecules material in the following 2008 item:

The Co-operative Movement:  Emotions, Personality and Politics

So, Googling

"Helen Fisher" serotonin dopamine gives, for example, her 18 Jan 2009 interview:

Gold (Helen Fisher's 'Builders) - serotonin

Orange (Helen Fisher's 'Explorers') - dopamine

Green (Helen Fisher's 'Directors') - testosterone

Blue (Helen Fisher's 'Negotiators') - estrogen(s - there are three).

(ps The London edition of 'Metro' for Friday September 12, 2014 notes, on page 23:

'New clue to risk-taking'

   "A gambler's decision . ..  influenced by dopamine . . . Canadian researchers said. Dopamine signals increase when risky choices pay off."

pps I haven't found that academic reference - and to know how well it was peer-reviewed - no snarkiness, there, I just don't have access to the literature . . .)


This fits to Helen Fisher's personality/neuro-active molecules/receptors analysis (above) which, cross referencing to the True Colors labels (see in the True Colors test - in the photos at 'my' FB page):


As an added pair of points:

   a) Both testosterone and the estrogens are steroidal molecules - on the same biochemical pathways as cortisol - the stress hormone.  This suggests that stress influences the right-balance of these two sexual hormones.(explore from

   b) Both dopamine and serotonin (if my memory serves well) are amines.  My peroxide/free-radical researches (sadly interrupted by Margaret Thatcher, et al,'s destruction of the academy - through the power of money) dabbled briefly in the free radial chemistry of amines and free-radical oxidation to amine oxides.

My suspicion is that stress involves oxidative, single-electron transfer, free radial pathways which, again, will mickey-around with natural balance of these amine neurotransmitters.

Again, the above is an example of cross-disciplinary (wholistic) speculation which, in the absence of funding and time for me to explore, with others, the appropriate*reliable* literature, needs others to take up.

However, a certainty is that reducing stress, but increasing income equality (see The Spirit Level and The Equality Trust web-site by implementing the plan for Co-operative Socialism (see in the papers at - thx Mary!) is the task that we *must* undertake - quickly!

Just as Jesus taught us!

For all = the best! = equally! = co-operatively!


As a final postscript - I understand that Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett are writing a sequel to The Spirit Level on the psychological effects of inequality.

I eagerly await it!

Using the four-quadrant map, my suspicion is that the stress associated with greater income inequality (and greater economic inequality, generally) effectively 'pulls up' the centre of this four-quadrant map, so that each personality type (and recall that we are all mixture of all four, with a centre-of-gravity in one) so that  the four psychotic behaviours (eg narcissism for the Oranges/Explorers) result.

Those four psychoses seem to relate to the four 'Out-of-esteem' behaviours that Carolyn Kalil explains in her book, 'Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love':

Green: "bitter sarcasm or cynicism"; "immobilization by analysis": page 81

Blue: "wallow[ing] in self-pity", "overly involved in helping others": page 67

Gold: "melancholy, pessimistic and inflexible", "inflexible . . . black or white thinking"; page 93

Orange: "quick-fix addictions", "violence": page 105

I've placed images for these pages on 'my' Facebook page.

I hope they help!


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