Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The origin of TRIP-Up

John Courtneidge

2nd September 2014

My Friend, Jon, asked: 

"Where does the TRIP-UP item come from ? "

Here's the history:

TRIP-Up is an extension of two terms that a fellow Friend and Socialist, Jeffrey Blay* told me on a trip to Milton Keynes, way back in the 90's

(*Our Friend is an even! older democratic socialist than me! - he was given a long-service award at the last London Labour biannual-AGM at Stratford Town Hall in ?2013?) :

So, the first:

   'Let's get RID of capitalism'

(RID = Rent, Interest, Dividends - Dividends being Profits shared out to share-holders)

And, the second:

   'Capitalism RIP'

RIP - Rest-in-Peace': Rent, Interest, Profits.

I added the 'T' (for Theft) since that's what the 'ownership' of economic resources is (even 'ownership' by state or municipal government) and the 'Up', since higher-than-average pay for work seems to correlate with jobs where 'a position of power' is 'owned'.

The evolution of 'that which has been stolen/is owned' is now:

  Rent - from Land (and Frozen land - buildings, roads, ports, etc - to exact Rent);

  Interest - The Law (to exact Interest - usury was outlawed until Henry VIII first legalised it - in England - in his Act of 1545 'In Restraint of Usury')


  Profits fro the Theft of Knowledge/Data/Information  (both frozen (embedded in tangible things like tools, machinery, etc) - and fluid/non-tangible/virtual (patents, know-how, etc ie, nowadays, 'intellectual property'),

This suggested that somethings was being owned to provide higher-than-average pay for work: and hence that theft of 'position' (as above).

Now, all this is at variance with our Theology (of The-Creator-present-within-the-Creation / immanence / panentheism) and with what Jesus taught (as render to us).

Hence Co-operative Socialism/The Fair World Project

There's more in the papers' section at www.interestfreemoney.org - key title words are Jesus, Quaker and CCPA Readings.

Thanks for asking - I hope this helps!

For all = the best! = equally! = co-operatively!


ps Try as I have over twenty+ years I haven't found a book that says this TRIP-Up this in this way (I wish there was!) - lots do parts . . . except Jesus!


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