Friday, August 15, 2014

Capitalism = TRIP-Up        No more TRIP-Up!

TRIP-Up = Theft, +  Rent, interest, Profit,  + Unequal-pay for work

John Courtneidge

15 August 2014

Diary of DeceitWhen those we trust we can't.
shared Curtis Le Gendre's photo.
This is what the #Brazil gov did on the streets to thousands of homeless to build your #worldcup stadium and create a nice tourist enviroment for you.. #OpWorldCup #OpHackingCup #FuckFIFA

Capitalism is:

TRIP-Up =                         Theft
    of land to provide            Rent
    of the law to provide        Interest
    of knowledge to provide  Profit
   of  position*(s) of power  to provide:
                                         Unequal-pay for work

*- paid for by tax-income

No more TRIP-Up!

= Theft, +  Rent, interest, Profit,  + Unequal-pay for work

We can do better than capitalism

We *will* do better than capitalism - to everybody's benefit - it's an equality and sustainability thing!

Best - for all! = equally!

Ps for the plan for co-operative socialism = a plan for peace, equality and sustainability through income equality, pls see the papers at

Hope this helps!


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