Saturday, August 2, 2014


1st August 2014

Some years ago on a listserv called Futurework, a participant from Vancouver, I think, suggested that, since the claim that Truth does not exists is a claim to truth, therefore truth exists.

My working principle, as a Friend (Quaker) and research chemist is that Truth is what God knows and that we seek to under-stand.

(The hyphen is important: in that, (instead of capitalism's (false) claim that truth can a) be owned, b) be used/exploited for private accumulation and c) must be wrestled to the ground first (in the act of theft from the Creation/Commonwealth), rather Truth is something that we should stand under - as the upstroke in the letter T, the cross-stroke being Truth - in awe!)

Hope this helps - for all - the best, equally!


ps The Truth of the present time is that (pace The Spirit Level - ) that income equality is good for *everyone* - 'the rest of' the Creation/Commonwealth, included!


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