Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Since Property is Theft, and Use for Selfishness is Exploitation: Then, if not capitalism, then what?

John Courtneidge

31st July 2014

The prelude to exploitation is theft - of Land, the Law, that which God already Knows (Knowledge) and Position.

Respectively, these attempted acts of theft lead to exploitation as Rent, Interest, Profit and Unequal (higher-than-average) pay for work (for which the TRIP-Up acronym serves well).

Two hundred years' ago we recognised that 'ownership' (Theft) of one economic resource, people, was wrong and thus out-lawed (human) slavery.

It's, now, time to re-cognise that 'ownership' (Theft) of *all* economic resources is wrong.

As a Quaker, I re-cognise that the theology that the Creator/God/the Divine is present *everywhere* within the Creation and, thus, that all ownership is an attempt at the Theft of God (our Friend John Bellers made that point succinctly to and for us).

Hence the plan that abolishes 'ownership' and exploitation and replaces those with co-operative careship - for the Common Good of all, in all, by all.

That plan is explored and, hopefully, explained in the papers at

I hope this helps.

For all, in all



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