Friday, July 11, 2014

The conundrum of the moment

Why Occupy is making no progress at present

Re - from my friends:

> Thanks Frank
> Great clarification: "rentier capitalism" sums it up. Not just making
> money from money itself but from land, resources and the commons (human
> created and natural), the value of which should be shared communally.
> Regards
> Clive

But "rentier capitalism" = capitalism

In fact, all [adjective of choice] capitalism[s] = capitalism

Just as red apples = green apples = red-and-green apples = apples.


If you check your dictionary definition for 'capitalism', the short-form can be expanded through observation:


capitalism =

  selfish ('private') ownership (Theft) of economic resources (land, law, knowledge, position of power)


  use of same for selfishness ('private gain'): to give, respectively  Rent, Interest, Profit, Unequal, higher-than-avergage/median/mean Pay-for work: usually paid from taxes levied on workers

Hence, the Capitalism = TRIP-Up acronym:

         Capitalism = Theft, Rent, Interest, Profit and Unequal-pay for work

ps Each of the capitalists (the land/building owners, law-/bank-owners, knowledge-/business-/workplace-owners, position-owners/often-taxation-paid parasites/P-artists) hate the others): a house divided, not a class in solidarity.

   . . . Until they, as exploiters, are faced by the exploitees (the people as workers, consumers, tax-payers).

   . . . At which point, the capitalists unite together quicker than one individual in the exploited group who says:

          - "But, I! disagree, I! like my (part of the) TRIP-Up income*."

*Be that a small rental income, or a bit of savings-interest, or a little share-income, or other pay-off perk.

At which point Occupy is blocked and co-opted - into another, unreported,  rally, march, sit-in, protest stunt, what-ever.

For each solution to each part of the TRIP-Up set, there is, at present, one Occupy LSX EWG member who is blocking progress: and why the Occupy movement (in London and elsewhere?) is not a movement but, for now, a grumy squatters' sit-down.

That's our present conundrum.

Best - for all! - equally!



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