Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All interest charging, receiving and paying is, both wrong and unnecessary:


Wednesday, 6 July 2014

Dear London LSX Occupy EWG friends

I will not be present on Saturday (19th July 2014, Mayday Rooms, Fleet Street, London) for the specially-called meeting to consider interest-charging, paying and receiving.


My offerings are in the papers section at

 - please see the Essay, 'Solving the World's Problems', in particular.

In synopsis:

All interest charging, receiving and paying is, both,

  - wrong: they, both, exacerbate income inequality (ie power inequality) and constitute one of the four contributory drivers (rent, interest, profit-concentrated-as-'private' dividends, uneuql-pay-for-work: these being all time-related 'returns on capital employed') that exacerbate war and other forms of environmental non-sustainability,


  - unnecessary: free-at-the-point-of-use lending systems - such as Public Lending Libraries work quite well as debt-but-not-interest-charging public goods.

I hope therefore that the EWG will issue a statement that interest-charging, -paying and -receiving should be made illegal.

Best - for all! - equally!



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