Saturday, May 28, 2016

We need the kingdom of heaven - for wellness and wholeness - by Tuesday!

Is it time for The kingdom of Heaven - here on earth ("Thy will be done . . .")?

Hope so!

Jesus tells us ("Thy will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven") that we should replace 'the powers of this world' with 'The Kingdom of Heaven'.

In the Kingdom parables, he outlines the mechanisms that have to be replaced to bring about the Kingdom of heaven.

These five mechanisms are:

Theft ('ownership') of the Father's creation;

the consequential charging and receipt of

Rent (from stolen land);
Interest (from the theft of the Law);
Profit from the Theft of Knowledge)

and Unequal-pay for work (from the Theft of Position).

These five mechanisms may be remembered ('brought back together') using the acronym TRIP-Up (Theft, Rent, Interest, Profit, Unequal-pay for work).

So, 'No more TRIP-Up!'

We need the Kingdom of Heaven - for wellness and wholeness - by Tuesday!

In practical terms, this replacement can be achieved through the plan for Co-operative Socialism (for which see the paper's section at

Friends might like to know that Occupy London (Google "Co-operative Socialism") and Labour Action for Peace have already adopted the plan for Co-operative Socialism.

I hope that Britain Yearly Meeting @ymevent_britain  will also adopt the plan for Co-operative Socialism - as a witness that we, too, wish to see an economics of equality (and thus peace and sustainability) - just as our friend and comrade Jesus calls us to do.

By Tuesday!

Ie even today!

John Courtneidge 28 May 2016

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