Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Co-operative Socialism - in Brief

Co-operative Socialism - in Brief

 John Courtneidge
 31st May 2016


The Problem (in two parts) and the solution (in three)
We have a lot,
Others do not.
So, let us keep what we have got.
They've got a lot,
We do not.
So, let us take what they have got.
Let us not take - and keep! - what we want.
Share what there is.
To each according to their needs,
From each according to their abilities.
That's Co-operative Socialism!
After the London Co-operative Party Council meeting, March 2016

Second: Co-operative Socialism - in Brief

My friend  Brian points out.

                "...power corrupts...absolute power corrupts absolutely".

And that's why the plan for Co-operative Socialism is designed to hold power/income/wealth inequality to a socially-determined level:

a) By ensuring that everyone has a guaranteed 'Living Income for Everyone'

b) that no-one receives more than a socially-agreed amount more from paid work

c) that no-one gets rent, interest or dividends (ie profit-shares)

d) So that no-one can call the shots by having a grip of death (a mortgage, or threat of eviction or of the sack) over anyone else.

e) And that no country can control another country though debt.

(The above is a summary of the seven-point plan for Co-operative Socialism - eg as at http://occupylondon.org.uk/co-operative-socialism-by-john-courtneidge/

Which has some You-tube videos to - hopefully! - explain things more . . .)

Yes, also, there are plenty of people who co-opt the word socialism to their own power-seeking ends - often deliberately, sometimes, perhaps foolishly.

But, if you research the origin of the word socialism (and it was introduced into the English language before Marx) then you'll see that 'the Marxists' never were socialists - as we rightly observe.

So, it's co-operation or co-option.

Hence the call for Co-operative Socialism - by Tuesday!

Hope this helps!

Best, john


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