Monday, June 13, 2016

The EU Referendum - I'm voting Out

The EU Referendum - I'm voting Out

And for a Global Co-operative Commonweal instead
John Courtneidge

Monday 13 June 2016

Like the democratic socialists who opposed the imposition of UK entry into the European anti-democratic super state in 1974, I'm still voting Out.

As a democratic socialist, co-operator, pacifist and Quaker, I'm fully committed, and active for, the Co-operative Commonwealth.

That means a world of equality - including a far-greater, socially-determined equality in the level of incomes.

Which, as the plan for Co-operative Socialism shows, includes a sustainable 'Living Income for Everyone' - a LIFE for all - see that plan and You-tube explanatory videos at

For those who wish to consider the evidence in the anti-peace nature of the European Imposition, consider the evidence in The Spirit Level:

     - since 1979 income inequality in the UK, across Europe and the world generally has ballooned.

And that's the reason for escalating violence and distress world-wide.

And that's why I'm voting Out.

The coerced 'entry' into the EU by Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath in 1974 was the precondition to the implementation of the Ridley Plan (See Wikipedia and Margaret Thatcher's own web-site copy of the Ridley Report ) from 1979 onward.

[Oh, and the lack of 'hot wars' (as opposed to economic war) across main-land Europe may have as much to do with the potential hot-war battlefield being peppered from 1950 onward by nuclear power stations (not that I'm a fan of nuclear power).]

So, regardless of the UK Referendum on 23rd June, I shall continue for a UK, a Europe and a world of Co-operative Commonwealths:

   - each organised on a national scale, each fully consistent with the Statement on the Co-operative Identity from the International Co-operative Alliance (see in the papers at and at the ICA's own webs-site

    - together making a global, sustainable, peaceful Co-operative Commonweal.

I hope this helps!

Ps - a probably better-written, fuller account of the democratic socialist position on the EU Referendum can be found here:

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