Thursday, February 16, 2017

Letter to MPs regarding the plan for Co-operative Socialism

Dear Peter,

Letter text as requested.

(LAP comrades, Colin Bastin (LAP Chair) and Helen Watts (LAP Secretary Organiser cc'd)


14 February 2016

From John Courtneidge

Flat 10 Coleridge House

79 Bromley Road

Beckenham, Kent BR3 5PA

MOBILE 0795 099 6418

E-mail for questions and MP Responses:


Dear Chartist editor

Thank-you for publishing the earlier Chartist article on the plan for Co-operative Socialism: a plan that Labour Action for Peace, Occupy London and the Bromley Co-operative Party all support.

As a follow-up action:

Might Chartist readers care to join in an information gathering and sharing exercise among MPs, concerning the plan for Co-operative Socialism?

Below is a letter template to MPs in this regard.

I, on behalf of Labour Action for Peace, will correlate results (my contact details are also below).

Thank you, in and for co-operation

John Courtneidge (Dr)

-------- MP Letter template--------

[My name]

[My address and Post code]



MP for

Re: Plan for Co-operative Socialism

I write to you as one of your Consituents.

A number of groups (including, for example, Labour Action for Peace) now support a plan for Co-operative Socialism. Details of that plan may be found by web-searching the term "Co-operative Socialism" and navigating, for example, to the relevant Occupy London web-page and the papers' page of The Campign for Interest-free Money.

I write to ask if you support this plan.

If yes, will you promote it to your Parliamentary colleagues?

If, no you do not support this plan, could you please let me know why not?

Please note that your reply and that of Parliamentary colleagues (even non-replies) will be shared publicly.



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