Friday, April 7, 2017

Neo-Mathusianism: Euthanise The Poor . . . Or The 'Rich'?

In ecological impact terms, the group that should be euthanised first - if one were crazy enough to proceed with this neo-Malthusian nonsense  - is the most wealthy* . . . Not, of course, the Malthusian eugenisists' target group for annhilation . . .

*A conclusion drawn from putting together:

 a) the social epidemilogical evidence in, say, The Spirit Level (that the wealthy -really the ill-thy in 'the global North West' are the most 'economically' active (in reality, a-economically active with their levels of consumption), and,

b) the equation that links wealth creation with pollution:

Materials  + Energy  ->  Wealth  +  Pollution

(The arrow symbol is read in such chemical equations as ' Goes to give'.)

Two additional points (well, three):

1) In capitalism, money is used to buy the inputs, 'Materials  +  Energy'.

The wealth is converted into more money than the inputs cost (see the wealth creation diagram in the second or middle article in the CCPA Reader on Co-operative Socialism - which isarchived in the papers' section at

2) Again from the social epidemiological evidence (I'll scan the relevant pages, I hope), the extra a-economic activity brings no additional human benefit (as measured, for example, in health, happiness or multi-faceted well-ness.

3) And it's not 'evil people deliberately (ie with deliberation) trashing the planet', it's an automatic outcome/consequence of the error of permitting usury ('money-making/accumulating-money' by one of the four mechanisms, Rent, Interest, Profit, Higher-then-average-pay-for-work).

I think that there's a good case for identifying usury as the 'forbidden fruit' that's mentioned in the Book of Genesis.

Which would make the tree, itself, the concept that gives rise to those four money-accumulating mechanisms as the concept of Theft from and of The Creation/ The Commonwealth ie the evil concept of 'Private Property':


The Theft of Land provides Profit

The Theft of the Law provides Interest

The Theft of Knowledge provides Profit

The Theft of Position provides Higher-than-average-pay-for-work

The latter of which is paid for by Taxing 'uz', the 88%, upon permission of the 2% (they who 'receive' Rent, Interest and Profits as 'Owners'/Theives of The Creation/Commonwealth) and enforced by the 10% (the 2%'s Praetorian Guard: of paid Bullies, Bribers and Brainwashers).

So, for sustainability, support, implement and audit Co-operative Socialism.

By Tuesday!

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