Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Laws of Chemistry means That Capitalism is non-sustainable

Here is a marvellous chemistry video

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But one: recall the wealth creation equation:

Materials  +  Energy  ->  Wealth  +  Pollution

So, here, a healthy body is a 'well body' . . . well, wealth, weal are all related words.

Now, taking the Second Law of Thermondynamics into account (which says that, in *any* and *every* change, more disorder than order is created (the level of disorder is measured by an increase in entropy), then the amount of disorder that's created as we create weath/wellness/weal is *greater* than the amount of order we create.

Now, that externalised disorder can only be dealth with by 'external' forces (ie by the 'rest of' the planet at the rates of reactions that occur at the temperature of the planet in particular places at particular times.

So, for example, photosynthesis is converted highly disordered (ie gasous) molecules of carbon dioxide and water into highly ordered (solid and dissolved) carbohydrate molecules as I peck this out here in the springtime in sunny Beckenham.


Carbon dioxide  +  Water  ->  Carbohydrates  +  Oxygen

That's why William if Normandy and his army invaded England in 1066: England's climate, geology and physical geography are good at accumulating carbohydrates as wood and grain (and, indirectly through grass, meat, wool, leather and other animal products: to say nothing of the-then, feudal, weapons of war, horses, knights, archers, arrows, pike-men, etc).

(And, for anyone following the entropy aspect, two gaseous molecules, CO2 and water are 'fixed' into the carbohydrate molecule as only one gasous molecule, di-atomic oxygen, O2, is released  - to nourish those animals: including worms, bees and us, etc.)

So, if we set up an anti-economic sysyem (called capitalism . . . Or war if you want an accurate term) then the heat and material pollution (which together make up the disorder called increased pollution) result in the disequilibrium called global warming, decadence, 'the break-down of society' and all the forms of no-well-ness, ill-ness that are recorded inThe Spirit Level (and worse such as the, may-be, grossly exagerated reports of Satanic child-abuse as logged earlier on 'my' Facebook page).

So, in synopsis, sustainability is the balance between photosynthetic fixation of CO2:

CO2  +  H2O  +  Energy (sunlight)  ->  Carbohydrates  +  O2

And animal metabolism (eg 'burning fat'):

Carbohydrates +  O2  ->  CO2  +  H2O  + Energy (which always 'slides downhill'to become heat)

That's why 'my' blog is addressed as


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