Monday, March 13, 2017

The Most Quakerly Season

Winter, for me, like Spring, Summer and Autumn, is the most Quakerly of Seasons.

Winter is not a saeson of cold and death.

Rather, it is a Season of hope and certainty.

As I peck out these words, the longer days and warmer air brings forth each plant in its turn.  The earliest of red camellias are followed by mid-season varieties; cream, white, bi-colour. At the same time, the star-flowered Magnolias appear in bloom before their tulip-flower siblings appear.

Garria Elliptica, the males at least have shown their tassles long before the willows.

All winter long these appearances have been latent. Now green springs forth from brown.

The winter carols, mid-way through accented with the joy of Christmas Carols, foretell The Kingdon nascent, latent, 'Thy will on eath be done, as it is in Heaven.'

Not life after death, life always present: latent in the seemingly dead. Reality in the waiting.

So, just as in the stillness of a centred, gathered Meeting for Worship in the manner of Friends (Quakers), the presence is in the midst. Life onnearth, as it is in Heaven.

Not 'Pie in the sky, when you die.'  But, latent here, Latent, hear!  Just as in The Kingdom Parables that the infant Jesus was born to tell us. And to be murdered.

Or, the attempt to murder him.

On the insistence of those frightened of change for the better.

Demanding that Jesus be murdered ('I find no fault in him'): murdered in fools attempts to silence truth.

No way!

Truth lives: latent or active.

Just as we are blessed to live in a time, two-hundred years on from the time when Antoine Laurent Lavoisier and John Dalton applied the Principle of Simplicity in order to bring order out of Alchemy; to birth modern, systemstic chemistry.

An order out of confusion that has given experienced meaning to latency: latent heats of fusion, of evaporation, of phase changes generally.

Latent, ' that which is present. but hidden' brought forth.

The Kingdom, here. Hear, emergent! Here in the plan for wholeness called the plan for Co-operative Socialism.

Do you recoil?  Recoil from those worldly words?

Of an end to exploitation of 'the one' by 'the other'?

Thy will be done on earth.

As it is, as described to us, for us, then *by* us, co-operatively in those Kingdom Parables, in that plan for Co-operative Socialism.

Just as the Mustard seed, 'The smallest of all seeds which *when placed* in *prepared ground* brings forth a tree so large that *all* the birds of the air may find shelter there.

To rest, sleeping. Latent. To, tomorrow, do Our Father Creator's work. Tomorrow. Not when we die.


Which is 'By Tuesday!'  Not waiting. Latency brought forth to action.

Now, here. Hear!

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