Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Obedience is better

 In regard to the item just below this:

A) capitalism relies on five scams, only:

  1) That land can be owned and then 'lent' upon payment of rent

  2) That money can be owned and lent upon payment of interest

  3) That knowledge can be owned and used to receive profit

  4) That some people's work can be paid more than other people

  5) Above all, that 'ownership' is permitted (rather than seen for what it: theft)

In terms of English history:

   1) above = 1066 (when the new theives stole from the old theives, who . . .)

   2) above = 1545 when Henry VIII legalised usury for the first time in England

   3) above = between those dates 'Kings' (ie Mafia bosses) granted 'Letters Patent' to create Commercial Monopolies (eg in trade to, eg, India)

   4) above = again during the time of feudalism, 'Positions at Court' were created - and much sought after - to secure Pensions (higher-than-normal payments for work done to protect the said Mafiosi: remember Scicily was part of The NormannEmpire, so the term Mafiosi is not unreasonable).

  5) above = 15,000 years' ago when 'Adam and Eve' first took (stole) from the Creation and, thus, 'invented' the sin of 'property'.

Oh, and there is a ps . . .

And the ps is that the claim to 'ownership' of one's 'self' is also theft.

The Creator, through The Creation, lends us a few atoms - often for as short a time a breath* - in order to 'be' in the space that we occupy at no rent for three score years and ten.

The Creator then feeds us, clothes us, warms and nourishes us, houses us in sunshine.

In our sin (initiated by Adam and Eve at the Neolithic catastrophe: when property=ownership=theft was invented and co-invented with ususry) we stumble.

Once we have given up all notions: that property and usury are just. And once we have voluntarily moved backmtomthe Garden, where Co-operative Careship - rather than theft, rape and murder = capitalism - is normal,,shall we thrive.

It's called gellasenheit, yieldedness, obedience.


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