Monday, March 13, 2017

Aesthetic in-spiration, out-spiration. I hope!

My friend Nina Miller prompts me to offer:

You are looking for new aesthetics.

Here are two thoughts.

First, the future has to be Co-operative.

And thus, Co-operative Socialism.

So, an aesthetic of and for Co-operative Socialism has to be part of that. Probably not emergent from a Co-operative Socialist world but, if not in advance of such emergence, co-emergent with it.

Secondly, Co-operative Socialism is an emergent synthesis of the unity of the individual and the whole. An emergent synthesis of Wholosophy.

Wholosophy is the triple intersection of religion, science and economics on a Venn diagram.

Each the three double intersections (science/religion, economics/religion and religion/science are also regions of liminality: places which are simultaneously both such doubled characteristics.

The future is that place of triple liminality: of wholosophy and wholeness.

Which may be termed, 'You, me, we, us': the liminality of all-ness, of wholeness, of unity.

Occupy foundered because the arts communites didn't become a unity of one diverse art community.  The arts of protest become just a circus of 'what-is' blah protest.

True art re-members (puts back together) and re-presents the wholeness of what we were in 'The Garden', and need to re-become in The Garden.

Not as part of the whole, but a 360°, 24×7 aspect of the whole.

Not stewards of creation (Genesis) but co-operative caregivers to, and care-receivers from, the wholeness.

So the aesthetic of emergence emerges as the aesthetic of celebration.

A Celebration of what is becoming: from what has been, through what is, to what is offered to us: as wholistic noirishment: Co-operative, true, Socialism.

By Tuesday!


Ps, thanks for asking!

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