Sunday, March 5, 2017

Love loves, hence Co-operative Socialism

Dangerous stuff; me, me, me.

Losing attachment to wanting stuff, yes, unbeing what we are, impossible.

Letting go of our hurts, likewise.

Acting to not produce hurts, yes.

Hence the plan for Co-operative Socialism.

Not the impossible: Personal Salvation.

Impossible, since we are all aspects of one body.

So, healong 'one' is not possible without healing the One that is the unity of all.

Without yieldedness to the Creator/God/Good/The Divine (ie practicing gellasenheit, total yieldedness, true humility), we are not fully connected as an aspect of The All.

We are, in that state of a-lone-ness, just as a free radical in chemistry: broken away; with an unpaired electron,,an un-attached valency, alone.

So, the God/spell of 'Personal' Salvation is as impossible as the God/spell of 'Personal' Prosperity.

Unless 'The All' propers, nothing prospers, every aspect suffers because every aspect is in-extricably a part of the whole.

It's a wholeness thing.

Hence the plan for Co-operative Socialism: as an end to possession/theft and usury (rent, interest, profit, greater income than any 'other').

Gellasenheit rather than pride. Contribution rather than accummulation.

'What can I give?', rather than 'What can I get?'

All our valencies and electrons (re-)connected as a fully-bound aspect of the all: the liberty to be, by discardingbthe liberty to not be: to suffer in the hell of a-lone.

Simple, really.

Possessions possess

Pride becomes proud

Humility humbles

Love loves

God is.

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