Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fracking = neo-facism 

Canada's shame - 'Police' brutality again:

Elsipogtog and Mi'kmaq anti-fracking blockade.


Canada's shame - and the same here, too (see the * ps, below, about Balcombe)

 Fracking = neo-facism:

Just as we wrote about in nonviolent direct action in about 2000 . . . :

Do you remember the video of the Quebec Surete agents provocatuers being hustled back across to the police side at the Three Amigos (Les Throis Conspirateurs) at Montebello - in about 2004 

  - they were even wearing their regulation issue boites! . . . ? 

 If 'they' - the praetorian guard - the 10% with p-jobs who are paid by the 2% -  'them': the 'owners'/thieves of economic resources  - are not watching us  (the aware and active part of the 88% - the worked class: including those of us who are worked through being unemployed to frighten the 10% and the unaware or too frightened to be active part of the 88%)

   -  then we must be doing something wrong! 

Now, since I'm a Christian Quaker, there is, of course no 2%, 10%, 88% - we are alll part of the all - it's only when we steal from the all, that we, as the Genesis story illustrates, cast ourselves into sin. 

So, its 'Time to ourselves get back to (as a whole-part of!) the Garden! 

By Tuesday! 

Woo-hoo! j xx





* ps: Note that it's only 2minutes 50seconds into this CBC news report that the key word 'Fracking' is used.

    - the counter meme being forced now is 'Shale gas Extraction

At Balcombe it was noticed that Fracking is a sure sign that capitalism is desperate.  

No wonder that we promote the Co-operative Socialism alternative at: 

and at

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