Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gro-operative: A Worker-Owned Co-operative for Sustainable Food Production

I found this since I have a Google Alerts going for Co-operative Socialism; well done Google!

The 'S' word doesn't seem to be in the article but it does mention Mondragon - the very considerable, if not huge, co-operative complex in the Basque area of northern Spain (and which is covered in Race Matthews' book 'Jobs of Our Own' on Distributism - a book that for which I'm supposed to be writing a sequel - can't somehow . . .) and an update in the recent 'The Hidden Alternative: Co-operative values, past, present, future'.

The two links in the article are:


Notably, the article about Gro-operative (which is in Buffalo - a stressed US community if ever there was one: I've been there) retains the co-operative hyphen - the symbolic handshake of the key co-operative value of equality.

Save the hyphen!

In and for co-operation


ps Their diagram - love it - economics is applied chemistry! Ecology too - plus spirit!


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