Friday, October 11, 2013

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Since income equality creates peace, sustainability, all kinds of wellness - and gets rid of capitalism - by Tuesday! - I share:

Re: a LIFE not a BI

Quickly to say:

  a) The  mealy-mouthed approach - the 'Basic' Income approach , CIT in the UK or the October 2013 $2800 per month proposal in Switzerland - is a waste of time:

  --  the proper alternative is to propose a guaranteed, livable 'Living Income for everybody':

  --  socially-determined as the one-unit, livable base income to a socially-determined min/max income after-tax ratio

  --  for which the new Income Briefing video gives a guide:

  b) As to 'how to pay for it' - that's the legislature's role.

We may say that the five TRIP-Up* mechanisms create income-inequality (and income -inequity, too), but, if the elected legislature decides to ignore the socially-determined base and ratio by allowing any of the five TRIP-Up* mechanisms to persist - even if regulated, the electorate can decide as appropriate.

* The TRIP-Up mechanisms (all of which flow from the wealth-production and -distribution analysis are:

   T = Theft eg of the economic resources listed below plus direct banditry (eg Fractional reserve Banking, theft of public assets and their 'piratisation'/'profitisation' - which the thieves call 'privatisation'

   R = Rent - through the theft ('ownership') of land and land-related resources (buildings, elecromagnetic spectrum, position, wind, wave, water, minerals)

   I = Interest - through the theft of the Law (thanks Get-a-job-Rob for this clarity) - eg the legalisation of usury in 1545

   P = Profit - from the theft/'ownership' of knowledge - both frozen knowledge (machines) and fluid knowledge

   Up = Unequal pay for 'work' - from the ownership/creation/occupation of position - eg Professors paid over the odds to peddle lies in the monversities, policemen and prison officers needing to be pad over the odds (and thus creating more crime - see 'The Spirit Level'), etc.

Hope that helps

Oh, BTW - the way to achieve the social-determinations mentioned may well be the conversion of the House of Lords into a randomocracy 'Citizens Assembly' with members randomly selected, perhaps serving for three year terms and retiring in thirds.

No more TRIP-Up!!

Best - equally! - for all!

For all, in all, by all - co-operatively! **

** ps Google Co-operative Socialism - the True Socialism before Marx and the True Socialism After Marx - woo-hoo!!  And mull over the ICA Statement on The Co-operative Identity.  woo-hoo 2 !!

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