Sunday, October 27, 2013

Here in the UK the clocks were turned back to Winter Time yesterday midnight.

The next four months are going to be crucial for humanity and the planet - with dark cold nights for the next four months, here, the stage-manged ding-dong* - the 'I want a revolution, and I want it now! - shows how worried the 10% (the controllers, who are paid by the 2% of families who own/have stolen the world's economic resources - indeed, stolen the world itself- look to be stoking up a revolution.

 The evidence of history is that revolutions are controlled by the same 10% of place-men families - the controllers - so that the 'top' 2% stay in ownership and the 10% stay in control, on their behalf.  Sounds fanciful and conspiratorial?

Just ask your-self who it was that paid for and allowed the sealed train that took Lenin to Moscow, then read 'Who Financed Hitler' - no question mark! 

Then examine the Ridley Plan in the Ridley Report (see either or Wikipedia) - the plan that the Thatcher-led government implemented).

Then explore the World Economic Forum, Davos, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati and the Trilateral Commission - and read Robin Ramsey's book on Conspiracies and Gary Allen's book likewise.

Still not convinced?

Read the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 14 onwards.

And now I hear that right-wing groups here in the UK are being funded to promote the co-operative alternative to capitalism - and then look at the attack on The Co-operative Bank here.

So, does this sound like a rant?

No - it's a reflection that next 27th April there is going to be a remembrance, one way or another at St Pauls of the murder of a striking Leveller soldier, Robert Lockier; and that at the end of four months of winter hunger, attacks on benefit recipients and covert organising to implement the suspension of parliament (just as Stephen Harper has, twice, trialled for the neo-cons in Ottawa, under the anti-constitutional, anti-democratic heading of 'prorogation'.

Again, sounds fanciful?

The Co-operative Group's members meeting for south-London has just been postponed . . .

As I say, at the end of this coming four months, it's a choice between democratic equalitarian, Eco-responsible/eco-respons-able Co-operative Socialism or Fascism.

I know what I choose - Co-operation for the Common Good!

Best- equally! - for all!


* Russell Brand and Jeremy Paxman ding-dong:

Both ask - what are the alternatives? - try Co-operative Socialism - see the sustainabilitynotcapitalism blog and the Interest-free Money papers' page or ask me John Courtneidge

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