Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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One more wholistic thought on a Guaranteed Income Scheme


How about this add in:

Suppose that the social process decides that the income min/max ratio is 1:3 (the actual figures don't actually matter to this additional point) and that the base '1' unit is, say, £2000 per month.

So, everyone eligible (there's a pointer to a next iteration) would automatically have £2000 paid into their bank account.

Some people would then go into the paid work force and get up to an additional £4000 per month (so the maximum income would be £6000 per month and the smallest would be the guaranteed Livable Income of £2000, as above).

But there might be some people who decide to not take (for their own reasons, not some-one else's reasons) their monthly guaranteed 'LIFE' (Living Income for Everybody) payment.

They could then choose to deposit in a not-for-profit, interest-free community bank to be used as the bank thinks fit - offering, say, interest-free loans to social co-ops to start-up and/or expand business, or to solidarity co-ops as operating funds for their activities.

Hope that helps.

Co-operatively - for all!


16 October 2013


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