Thursday, October 24, 2013

Your choice = fascism or Co-operative Socialism

Neo-liberalism was the liberals in Canada and Blair/Thatcher here.

The new game is Neo-conservatism - Stephen Harper in Canada - Ian
Duncan-Smith here.

The neo-cons are just fascism-lite - the real fascism is the full
integration of state and capitalism: which we haven't got yet, since there
are no designated concentration camps for the likes of you and me - yet.

This isn't assertive, but, rather analytical - see

At the latter you can find out where your political centre-of-gravity is -
mine is in the Gandhi quadrant.

Fortunately, there is an element of each quadrant in each of us - the best
place to map this is, that I've found, (you have to
register bu the consequential e-newsletters are few and far between).

Finally, evidence that the political/values centres-of-gravity are
socially-produced and, thus, capable of being encouraged in the beneficial
direction (progressive and experiential, I'm quite clear) is to be found
via a search for Michael Adam's book 'Fire and Ice' and his Canadian
company, Environics: Try the 'Find Your Tribe'
button on the right-hand side of the page.

Hope this helps and thanx! 4 the opportunity to write it.

For all


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